Ecoregion Latvia

East Europe, Central part of the Baltic State Latvia, Riga District - the green recreation area around the capital Riga between two Latvia's biggest riwers - Daugava and Gauja. Lovely landscapes in maritim sandhill woods and in the valley of river. About 22 000 resident population.

National Park Gauja and other protected areas - 93 000 ha. Developing nature tourism and rich culture events, possibilities for winter sports. Mostly one-day tourism.

Aims. Development of tourism products and infrastructure outside of National park and protected areas.



National Park
The Gauja National Park (GNP), established in Sept. 1973. Total area is 91 745 ha. Half of the territory is covered by the buffer zone, which includes agricultural lands and small villages. 4% of the territory are strict nature reserves. The main value of Park is the valley of river Gauja with sandstone outcrops from Devon age. Forests cover 47% of the Park.876 species of filices and seedlings, and 434 species of mushrooms and fungi are found in the Park. 62 animals, fishes, reptiles and birds are included in the Red Book of Latvia. About 1 million people visit it annually. 22 camps are established for water tourists and 14 camps for auto tourists in the territory of the Gauja NP, and 98 km pathways for walkers.


Council of Allazi District
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LV-2154 Allazi
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Council of Allazi District
Mrs. Dainuvite Berzina
Birzes 4
LV-2154 Allazi
Tel: +371 7970813
Fax: +371 7970250

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