Regions of Tampere, Häme and Uusimaa

The regions of Tampere, Häme and Uusimaa (Helsinki Region) form the most important socio-economic zone (HHT-zone) of Finland, where one third of Finland´s inhabitants (1 900 000) and workplaces are situated. The HHT-zone (27 170 km2) is situated in the southern part of Finland. The HHT-zone, containing a highly developed infrastructure, is Finland´s most urbanised area.

The HHT-zone contains the largest unbroken string of wolderness areas in the south. There are several important national parks within the HHT-zone. The national parks are very significant, because they are situated close to the centre of population with good and easy accessibility.

In the Tampere region there are two large national parks (Seitseminen and Helvetinjärvi) wich are located north of Tampere. The national parks form a part of a Green Heart nature touring area is located in the Heart of Finland, north of Tampere. The area includes several water routes, extensive green forests, and the beautiful, traditional Finnish countryside scenery.

In the Häme Region there are also two national parks (Torronsuo and Liesjärvi) situated in the Lake and Forest Highland of Häme. The areas of Uusimaa (Helsinki Region) and Häme Region together form the very important national recreation park-area especially for the inhabitants of Helsinki Metropolitan.

The zonal co-operation has long traditions in Finland, where it started in the 80´s as a comprehensive research on Development of Regional Structure and Land Use within the urban channel Helsinki-Hämeenlinna-Tampere (HHT) Zone.






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