Region Steyr-Kirchdorf Phyrn-Eisenwurzen

The regions of Phyrn-Eisenwurzen is situated in the south east of Upper Austria and covers the area from the Danube in the north through the Alpenvorland to Styria in the south. It is the crossing between smooth hills of the Alpenvorland and the jagged Kalkalpen. Upper Austria in the centre of Europe has traditionally good connection to Eastern European countries like Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The economy concentrates in the centre of Upper Austria in the southern part tourism and agriculture are main source of income. The heart of the region is the Nationalpark Kalkalpen. It is the wide ranged wooden area in the eastern Alps with 3 dozen forest types and longest intact stream system in Austria and it accommodates rare plants and animals. The nationalpark has the target to put new impulses for the economy to create sustainable jobs and regional added value.

The name Phyrn-Eisenwurzen explain, that the iron was the "root of life" for the inhabitants of the region. For centuries the iron of the nearby Styrian Erzberg was made to nails, knifes, wire and scythes. Most of men worked in small smithies and forges. Important for this development were the streams and the richness of water. They served as supplier of energy for the water wheels and as way of transport for the wood. The production of iron form the region till the 20th century. Nowadays museums, cultural projects and exhibitions remains to this time of prosperty.






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