ITTs (international thematical teams)

  • Tourism
  • SMEs
  • ITT - National parks
  • Regional Information systems


    Target & Mission:
    The objective of the project is to create new lasting jobs in the sectors of tourism and services by using endogenous regional potential and new technology. In particular, the main task is to analyse to what extent a national park supports economic development and sustainable development of the region by:

    • The opening of new markets for SMEs and tourism;
    • The establishment of a brand of 'green' regions at international level;
    • Transnational cooperation in market research, marketing & product development;
    • Saving and creating new environmentally related jobs;
    • The transfer of know-how between regions especially to those with little experience in the field of sustainable regional development, tourism & national park management
    Ireland is the lead partner for ITT Tourism (contact Each partner region has a Tourism Team and at least one representative on the ITT.

    IC Niall Sweeney County Manager, Offaly County Council, Ireland
    IPM Vincent Hussey, Offaly County Council
    James Stone, Midland Regional Authority


    This ITT consists of members of different organisations like regional councils, regional authorities, regional development agencies and municipalities.

    This group co-operates in the following items:

    • to evaluate existing SMEs, resources like wood, inhabitants, services etc.
    • to work out a questionnaire study for SMEs
    • to define the branches and firms for which a national park could be a location factor
    • to involve at least 30 firms into the project
    • to establish a network between the regions and between the SMEs
    • to exchange know-how and experience between regions
    • to organize the international SME-meeting

    ITT - Nationalpark

    This ITT consits of members of different nationalpark organisations like
    Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria (
    Nationalpark Suamva, Czech Republic
    Nationalpark Gauja, Latvia
    Nationalparks Liesjärvi, Torronsuo, Helvetinjärvi and Seitseminen, Finland. (
    Protected area "Lough Boora Parkland", Ireland
    This group co-operates in the following massures to sucessed:

    • to integrate the "management plans" in the economic process to improve the environment condition
    • development of a common brand for "green region" on international level
    • creation and protection of sustainable jobs in the fields of tourism, SMEs and agriculture
    • know-how and experience exchange
    • creation of a virtual exhibition of the participating nationalparks
    • exchange of experts

    Regional Information systems
    Work Group - ITT Information Systems

    Aims The use of the Regional IC as a coordination, marketing channel.

    • Give a information about regions,
    • to present NP, tourism products and service providers regionally, nationally and internationally,
    • coordinate the co-operation between the Project partners in working out a common criteria and actions for the presentation of regional marketing activities.
    • to exchange experience between partners.
    TIT IS
    Verners Berzins
    Allazi District Council